The Ulthera experience of Anne-Marie van Leggelo

Anne-Marie van Leggelo noticed that her cheeks were starting to droop a bit more than they used to. The skin in the cheeks and neck sagged and lines appeared in the face that she did not have before. Annemarie is extra conscious on her natural lines. Pricking or surgery is not for her, so she went for the non-invasive treatment Ultherapy.

Four months ago, she had the first treatment done on her jawline and she is very happy with it. For an hour and a half, she had to lie still and then let recovery of collagen and elastin go. This process is very gradual, after two months you start to see it, after four months you see the real result. In a year and a half, she will definitely do the follow-up treatment, because she does want to hold on to this.