Experiences Ultherapy

After hundreds of satisfied clients, we are happy to share their experiences. Why did they contact us and what did they think of the Ulthera treatment?

Every happy customer is proof of Ulthera’s strength. Below you will find experiences from celebrities, bloggers and our own clients. We also have before and after pictures demonstrating the success of Ulthera.

Lauren Verster

Fajah wants to maintain her sleek and enormously beautiful jawline.

Stella Bergsma

Anne-Marie’s cheeks began to droop a bit more than before.


Clinic Experiences Ulthera

On KliniekErvaringen.nl, people leave reviews every day. Anonymous or by name, but always verified purchases. We are also listed on this with Ulthera Clinic and reviews about us are posted on it. A few are explained below.

Consumers Association (2015)

‘Consultation was with doctor and Gytha and they were very honest about what is feasible and what is not. For me two reasons for doing it: skin around chin gets saggy and have flup under chin. Results are more than good. After a month, my sisters were already asking what I had done. Now three months later difference on before and after photo. That makes me happy’

Nederland Bruist (2019)

‘Together with the practitioner, I created a personalized treatment plan. I found it a bit exciting anyway but Marianne was able to answer all my questions well and put me at ease. As stated beforehand, I had to wait a while for the result but now almost 5 months later I am extremely happy with the result! For anyone who is not yet comfortable with fillers etc but wants to do something about his/her sagging skin, I recommend Ulthera. I enjoy my firmer and tighter skin immensely.’

Sonja (42)

Many top celebrities have started using Ultherapy as their perfect-skin solution, including Jennifer Aniston and Christie Brinkley

Johan (32)

‘Having my cheeks lifted with Ulthera. I soon saw results. Those around me said, how good you look! A natural effect of this treatment! Fantastic guidance and advice! Highly recommended’

NewBeauty (2019)

‘Very pleasant and clearly helped. No false promises! Completely open and honest. Result is fantastic!

Mieke (52)

‘Finely helped, clear explanation and a beautiful very natural result. The treatment is very doable. A little sensitive in some areas, though. Am also very curious about the result after another treatment.’