Ultherapy ultrasound treatment

As we age, our collagen production decreases. This results in a loss of skin strength and elasticity. Using ultrasound technology, an Ulthera treatment helps stimulate the production of new collagen growth. This will restore your skin’s tightness and give it a younger appearance!


Step 1. The Consult

The first step is a consultation with a trained Ultherapy specialist. During this consultation, your skin will be assessed to determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Your expectations will be discussed and the specialist will explain how the procedure works.

Step 2. Cleaning and marking

At the start of the treatment, your skin is cleansed to ensure that no dirt or makeup is present on the skin. Next, the specialist will mark the area to be treated to determine the exact places where the ultrasound energy should be delivered.

Step 3. Releasing Ultrasonic Energy

Once the skin is cleansed and marked, the actual treatment begins. The Ultherapy applicator is placed on the indicated areas of your skin. The applicator sends focused ultrasound energy deep into the skin layers, where it heats desired tissues and stimulates the production of new collagen.

The ultrasound energy of the Ultherapy treatment activates natural collagen production in the skin, lifting the skin. Your skin remakes collagen and elastin, this process is called neocollagenesis. Ultherapy uses only the stimulation of the body’s own collagen. This gives natural, visible results without the need for surgery.

Step 4. Feedback from the skin

During the treatment, you may feel a slight discomfort or warmth as the ultrasound energy is delivered. But rest assured, Ultherapy devices are equipped with advanced technology to monitor the skin and get feedback. This ensures accurate delivery of energy and makes the treatment safe.

The wound healing process occurs when a small lesion is made in the tissue. New collagen is then produced, creating tighter and firmer skin. Wrinkles and lines disappear. The collagen produced after an Ultherapy® treatment is the body’s own and therefore entirely your own. The result is naturally lifted skin with no recovery time!

Step 5. Addressing different skin layers

One of the unique aspects of Ultherapy is its ability to treat different layers of skin. The specialist can target the deep skin layers as well as the surface, depending on your specific needs and the areas to be treated.

Unlike other energy delivery systems, Ultherapy does not damage the skin surface and surrounding skin structures. This is because Ultherapy delivers a precise amount of ultrasound energy at exactly the right temperature at the right skin depth. Cutting or injecting into the skin is not done with this treatment. Your body initiates the natural wound healing process in response to the sound waves. As a result, collagen and elastin are produced in the skin.

Step 6. Natural skin rejuvenation

At the start of the treatment, your skin is cleansed to ensure that no dirt or makeup is present on the skin. Next, the specialist will mark the area to be treated to determine the exact places where the ultrasound energy should be delivered.

After treatment, the body’s natural recovery process begins. The new collagen fibers created provide gradual skin tightening and firming over the coming weeks and months. Because Ultherapy is non-invasive, no recovery time is required, and you can return to your normal activities with improved, natural-looking results.

The treatment restarts the skin’s regenerative process. The final result becomes visible after about 2 to 3 months. Clinical tests by the FDA indicate that the treatment provides a visible elevator of the treated area in 9 out of 10 patients.

Other CoolSculpting Providers

Ulthera uses ultrasound, also known from echo/duplex examinations and kidney stone pulverizers, among other things.

After cleansing your skin and ultrasound visualization (A clear image of the treated skin appears on the screen, giving the practitioner insight into the structure of the skin) of the specific areas to be treated, a gel is applied. Then the treatment applicator is placed on your skin and the ultrasound energy does its work. First, the deep tissue layers of the skin are viewed and the optimal level for delivery of the energy is determined. Then the focused ultrasound energy is delivered to the appropriate depth under the skin.

The same transducer is then used to deliver focused energy at just the right depth under the skin to treat. All this is done without damaging the surface of the skin. In response to the heat generated by the focused energy, the production of new natural collagen and elastin will be stimulated (the process is called neocollagenesis) . The result is a gradual tightening that, over time, results in a lifting effect of the skin. It’s basically a facelift but without surgery.

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