Why at Ulthera Clinic?

There are several parties in the market offering the Ultherapy treatment or some other fake HIFU treatment. Therefore, we would like to explain to you why you should choose Ulthera Clinic.

More than 70,000 CoolSculpting treatments

Being known and working with Ultherapy from the beginning, we have over 8,000 successful treatments behind us. That is also why we were able to grow into the largest practitioner with 6 branches. This makes us the number one treatment provider in the Netherlands. 

BIG Registered Practitioners

Ulthera Clinic works with BIG-registered practitioners. A BIG registration provides clarity on the competence of a healthcare provider. A healthcare provider on the BIG register may use the legally protected professional title. Because of this, you know that at Ulthera Clinic you will always be treated by a professional.

In addition we also employ graduate doctors.

The benefits of Ulthera
70.000+ treatments