Dr. Sebastiaan Kranenburg

Sebastian is an experienced cosmetic doctor. He studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. Sebastiaan is particularly interested in new technologies in the aesthetic industry, which is why he specializes in CoolSculpting, Ulthera, Radiesse, EMSculpt and state-of-the-art fillers.

Sebastian is often present to support our practitioners in all clinics.

As a cosmetic physician, it is essential to have multiple qualities striving for the optimal and desired care. Certification allows the client to consciously and transparently choose quality

Sebastiaan Kranenburg – Cosmetic Doctor KNMG / RDMA

Sebastiaan was very involved in the whole process. He created real expectations that was very pleasant at the beginning of my treatments.

Meike (52)

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Lauren Verster

Fajah wants to maintain her sleek and enormously beautiful jawline.

Stella Bergsma

Anne-Marie’s cheeks began to droop a bit more than before.